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MADE IT has five established committees with different responsibilities. These are groups of students who do this work voluntarily in addition to their studies. They organize study trips, career events as well as parties, and connecting activities. 


Education Committee

The education committee serves as a safeguard to the quality of education of the MADE MSc program. Consisting of students and the two members of the Programme Committee (PC), it discusses the quality of the courses and raises student concerns, which can be then addressed directly to the Education Team or through the PC members to the Programme Committee.

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Career Comittee

The goal of the career committee is to help MADE students develop skills beyond the MADE program and more importantly, help them prepare for their careers after MADE. In the current structure, the career committee together with the Vice-President of MADE IT is the main contact for companies who want to collaborate with MADE students. The career event irregularly organizes a diverse set of activities throughout the year. These activities range from specific skill workshops, such as LinkedIn, Latex, or applying for a job to inHousedays at companies, career fairs, and thesis inspiration sessions.

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Activity Committee

The goal of the activity committee is to enhance the MADE community. Usually, this is done by organizing several fun events throughout the year. Previous committees set the goal to at least organize one social event every month. In addition, weekly drinks are organized at AMS or a bar, this is organized in close collaboration with the MADE IT Board. Two large events take place every academic year. Other activities include for example a Halloween Party, Christmas Diner and smaller events throughout the year. 

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Study Trip Committee
The main aim of the study trip committee is to realize one study trip for ECT's by coordinating students, professors, and our collective social network. This is aimed at the student’s professional development. The study trip committee is responsible for organizing the trip. Besides the educational part of this trip, MADE IT aims to make this another event for the students to bond. 

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The MET Forum

The MET Forum Committee is in charge of creating events for the benefit of the students such as panel discussions and talks with experts, tours, and trips to professional conferences related to metropolitan themes. We aim to enrich the learning experience provided by the master and invite external parties to enrich the ecosystem within Amsterdam and provide additional funding by partnering with external organizations. The aim is to create two events every three months.

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