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MADE IT is the study association belonging to the students of the Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MADE) master’s degree. This is a joint programme coordinated by Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology, hosted by the Amsterdam Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) Institute on the Marineterrein establishment. The association was established at the beginning of the master’s programme in September 2017 and became official on the 10th of January 2019.


The study association is geared towards all MADE students and promotes their interests and their professional and personal development. MADE IT also strives to improve the education of the master’s program and organizes a wide variety of events. After the formal establishment of MADE IT in 2019, we now focus on further developing our activities, as well as improving the relationships with and between all involved parties: The students, the AMS Institute and AMS staff, the two associated universities and beyond.

BOARD 2022

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The board of study association MADE IT consists of five students who work part-time for the association during a calendar year. Board 4 for the year 2022 is composed as follows:





“This year, I am excited & motivated to begin my role as President of the MADE-IT Board. We aim to ensure student wellbeing and increase visibility for MSc. MADE in the greater Amsterdam urban design communities. ”

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Operations Officer



“By joining the MADE IT Board I will strive to strengthen and expand our activities and network. This with the ultimate objective of stimulating the students and those around us to learn best practices and lead in innovation.”

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Kristina Brodnevskaya

“As treasurer this year, I want to create opportunities for students to connect and inspire each other.”

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Vice President -  External relations



“As a member of the MADE IT board, I aim to develop a tight network between students, alumni and businesses to create an innovative community”

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Vice President - Internal relations


van der Ham

“As the board member responsible for internal relations I aim to maintain and improve our great culture and education. Through our efforts I hope everyone can make the most of their degree."

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