October 7, 2021

Graduation Ceremony

On October 7th 23 MADE students graduated and hammered their cross into the alumni wall on the first floor! Congratulations to all of you!!

We hope to hear and see a lot from you in the future and wish you good luck with your professional career!!

Photo by: Anja Daleman


June 23, 2021


Merch! With the summer coming up and some nice pictures made we can finally present our MADE IT merch!! After the responses from the enquête, we only have a limited amount, as we do not want our t-shirts without a good home. So, be quick. You can check out the photo's and order the t-shirts on the merchandise page. For €5,- it's yours! Enjoy!


May 17, 16.00 - 17.00, 2021

Our very first MET Forum

The MET Forum aims to link external knowledge regarding metropolitan challenges, innovations and solutions to the MADE and AMS Institute community by inviting experts from different backgrounds from all over the world to share their stories.


In this first event organised by the MET Forum, we will dive into the world of circular economies and learn how Ecuador is planning on achieving the goal.


September 30, 2021

Second MET Forum

On Thursday night we hosted our second MET Forum event in which we screened Push, a documentary on the financialization of housing in cities and how it affects everyone living in them. In addition to the movie we also had the privilege of having Gert Jan Bakker from !Woon to contextualize financialization within  Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
Thanks, everyone for joining us and for your thoughtful questions and discussions. We felt a lot of interest in the topic so if you are interested in learning more about housing please email us and let's work together.

We have started to plan the next MET Forum event on shared mobility in November. More details coming soon...

For more info please contact us at mateo.carvajal@wur.nl.


June 2, 2021


MADE IT members can order all non-Dutch written books from Athenaeum with a 10% discount from now on. To do this you can log in on the MADE IT website, go to Education, select Books and click on the link. Thereafter, select the books you want to order, fill in the discount code provided on the MADE IT website and BOOM, 10% discount.


April 14, 2021


We are very excited to announce that our very own website has gone online!!

On the website, you can find information about the association, events from ourselves, but also from external parties that might interest you, and you can find information about the master program!


As a member of MADE IT, you can also create your very own account! You get permission to exclusive photos of events, contact information of companies we have been in contact with, and you get access to various forms where ideas and job offers can be promoted!

So, are you a MADE IT member? Sign up ASAP and don’t miss out!! 


MADE IT Member features coming soon:

- discount on interesting study related books

- MADE IT merchandise


August 29, 2021

Welcome new students

Before the new students of MSc MADE started their classes, we organized an introduction day for the students to get to know each other and the association. We started off on Sunday the 29th of August. We split the group of over 50 new students into three parts and sent them off to do the famous bicycle photo hunt. We do not know how they went to so many places in such a short time, but one group was the clear winner of a MADE IT T-shirt and some very nice Homeland beers! You can check out the photos of this day here!


May 27, 14.00 - 15.30, 2021

MSc MADE student for a day

Are you interested in the MADE program? Join the student for a day program on Thursday, May 27. You will be able to find out more about what it's like to be a Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering student.

During an interactive Zoom conference, you will get an introduction to one of the MADE courses as well as a virtual building tour. MADE IT will host this meeting and we will share our experiences of being a MADE student. We will also invite one of our alumni to talk about their career after MADE. And of course, there’s also time dedicated to asking all of your questions.

After registration, we will send you the login information.

Read more about the MSc MADE program and the application process here.

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-22 151215.png

April 13, 2021

Graduation Ceremony

On April 13th 11 MADE students graduated via an online graduation ceremony hosted from the AMS Studio! Congratulations to all of you!!

We hope to hear and see a lot from you in the future and wish you good luck with your professional career!!